Testosterone Therapy in Santa Barbara

Are you wasting your time, spinning your wheels in the gym? Have you been making repeated unsuccessful attempts to lose weight or gain strength? Do you find yourself making excuses for physical shortcomings because of your age? Does the twenty-year old version of you with his energy, vitality, and recovery ability seem like an entirely different person than what you see in the mirror today?

Hormone inadequacies, dietary shortcomings, subtle movement dysfunction and inactivity all contribute to failing health – first with barely noticeable changes and limitations that we dismiss or ignore, then with full-blown overt medical diagnoses such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to ensure that you are “the best version of you” possible, both now and in another twenty years?  You’ve taken steps to invest in a 401k and plan ahead financially for your older years, but what are you doing now to make sure that you’re going into middle age and on to retirement with optimal health and the full capacity to enjoy yourself and truly make the most of the time you have, both now and in your 60’s, 70’s, and beyond?

We differ from other hormone replacement groups in that we provide a comprehensive health and wellness assessment – we evaluate your hormone levels, supplementation protocols, movement patterns, bodyfat percentage, and dietary and exercise practices, then together we develop a practical, workable plan to optimize your health and vitality.

We are currently accepting new patients and look forward to speaking with you about your current state of health and your goals for the future.

The purpose of Lemmel Health is to be your guide as you take ownership of your health and actively pursue elite health status. We will help you accomplish your goals through evaluation and fine-tuning of your dietary, exercise, and supplementation practices, as well as by optimizing your hormone levels.

It is not just about living longer – it is about living better for longer. Our goals are to promote independence, vitality, and even progressive continual improvement well past what others consider your “peak” of physical and mental wellness.