Below is a small sample of some of the scientific literature that supports hormone optimization. This section is going to be perpetually “under construction” as new literature is constantly being released.


Precision Nutrition: This is an evidence-based and experience-based nutrition counseling company that provides sensible and clear dietary programs. Dr. Lemmel is a certified Level 1 practitioner.

Pacific Diagnostic Lab: A central-coast based lab where we refer our patients, with multiple centers extending from Thousand Oaks to San Luis Obispo.

Medquest Compounding Pharmacy: Our primary source of compounded medications.

Nutraceuticals: A quality source of supplements.

Nordic Naturals: A producer of high-quality fish oils. We will provide you with a discount code:

Age-Management Medicine Group: One of the primary sources for training and continual education for providers of age-management medicine.

World Link Medical: Another primary source of excellent training for providers of age-management medicine.


A discussion of the cardiovascular benefits of testosterone therapy:

Another discussion of the cardiovascular benefits of testosterone therapy:

A discussion of overall mortality benefits and safety profile of testosterone:

A summary of the metabolic improvements seen with testosterone replacement:

Claims of an increase in longevity:

A study demonstrating that metabolic risk factors worsen when taken off testosterone and improve when back on:

A discussion of cardiovascular risk:

A thorough review of cardiovascular risk and safety – click on “pmc” on the upper right to go to the full article: